Below you will find Dan Shipp Law testimonial letters. Dan Shipp has represented hundreds of clients through the years. We have included a sampling of testimonial letters from DUI clients, Personal Injury cases, attorney recommendations and a letter from a juror sitting on a DUI case defended by Dan Shipp. Each has a different perspective regarding their case represented by Dan Shipp or their professional relationship with  Dan Shipp.

Client 2013 Testimonial Letter #1

Client 2012 Testimonial Letter #2

Client 2012 Testimonial letter #1

Personal Injury 2003 Testimonial Letter

Attorney 2012 Testimonial Letter

Juror 2012  Testimonial  Letter

Dan Shipp has 30 plus years of experience representing clients in criminal and DUI cases. He has developed extensive knowledge in his field and relationships with the courts, the judges, the DA s, the court clerks which increases his success in each case. He has won many personal injury cases and established a strong reputation in this field. Dan Shipp has become one of the leading attorneys handling DUI case involving the new Marijuana Laws. These laws are evolving as they are debated and developed to represent each facet of legalized marijuana. Please contact us and let Dan look at your case and discuss its details with you.

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