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DUI Defense Videos Dan Shipp Law. Dan Shipp of Dan Shipp Law is a leading Colorado DUI Defense Attorney and has prepared several DUI defense videos to assist you with gaining knowledge about Dan Shipp, his DUI criminal defense firm. Included are several TV advertisements created for air locally and regionally over the years.

First up on this page, you will see a series of links for Dan Shipp Law’s new Marijuana DUI information campaign. These videos cover various aspects of Colorado’s groundbreaking Marijuana DUI laws and offer advice on what to do before you are pulled over and sited.

Two recent radio interviews are available to view. Dan Shipp was interviewed by both KNFO and KMTS radio in the Roaring Fork Valley and offers interesting details about Marijuana DUI and Alcohol DUI.

Please review Dan Shipp’ s introductory video with introductory information on Dan’s fascinating background, education and philosophy. We have an additional video that shows Dan Shipp, his unique country ranch office, and staff, covering the details of what happens during an arrest and how we approach the defense process. Please take a moment and look through these.